Marcela Kane

Unique Challenges
Marcela Kane Lantrip understands the many unique challenges facing someone in a position of global responsibility. A longtime international tax professional, and current Senior Manager of International Tax at Halliburton, Lantrip knows what it takes to cope with and overcome these obstacles on a daily basis.

Embracing Diversity
Marcela Kane Lantrip embraces the idea of a diversified and open workplace; one where new ideas and innovation are truly valued, and where open communication is not only allowed, but actively encouraged. People, as she knows, are an invaluable resource within any organization.

International Experience
Marcela Kane Lantrip has extensive experience working with and leading teams throughout the globe. To date, Lantrip has enjoyed the opportunity to work with tax teams in such areas as Northeast, Central and West Africa, numerous countries throughout Europe, the entire Middle East and the United States

 International Tax Management
Marcela Kane Lantrip has held international tax management positions for five global companies throughout the course of her career. Currently with Halliburton, has enjoyed the chance to work with and manage teams in more than 80 countries across the globe.

Latin America
Marcela Kane Lantrip spent the first half of her life in Latin America; an experience she is forever grateful for, and that has helped to inform her decision-making and career over the past 15 years. She was born in Peru, though she spent much of her childhood living in Bogota, Columbia.

Educational Background
International Tax Professional Marcela Kane Lantrip has built a successful career in the field of international tax and accounting. She built her career on the foundation of a quality education, one received at such renowned institutions as the Universidad del Rosario and the University of Houston, respectively.

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