• Marcela Kane Lantrip: The Value of Mentoring
    Senior International Tax Manager Marcela Kane Lantrip has enjoyed a long and successful career, one that spans the course of 15-plus years in the field of international taxes. An experienced professional and team leader, Lantrip has earned a glowing reputation among her colleagues, in part due to her ongoing willingness to help, support and share insight with those she works with at any given opportunity.
    Marcela Kane Lantrip doesn’t shy away from the chance to mentor those in need, nor to seek out the advice and guidance of those who themselves are willing to help. She understands the immeasurable value of mentorship, both to the mentor and the mentee.
    The mentee, for example, has the opportunity to:
    --develop both personally and professionally.
    --build and refine a skillset necessary to progress throughout their career.
    --to grow the self-confidence needed to overcome challenges and solve problems well into the future.
    The mentor, on the other hand, benefits from:
    --the opportunity to improve interpersonal skills.
    --the chance to reflect, as well as to learn from the mentorship experience.
    --the increased job satisfaction that comes from the knowledge they’ve helped someone else become a little better at what they do.
  • Reasons for Embracing Workplace Diversity
    As an International Tax Professional, Marcela Kane has seen firsthand the value of workplace diversity. In the field for more than 15 years, and with geographical expertise that covers the U.S., much of Europe, the Middle East and most of Africa, Kane knows and appreciates what a diverse corporate workplace can offer in terms of insight, innovation and experience.
    As Marcela Kane knows, there are numerous reasons for executives, managers and employees to embrace a diverse work environment, including:
    Heightened Innovation
    Bringing in a larger variety of individuals, those with widely disparate backgrounds and experiences, can lead to a larger infusion of innovation and creativity; ideas that can spark new ways of looking at things and optimize processes.
    Improved Regional/Global Understanding
    Actively seeking out employees with a range of geographical and cultural experiences can provide your organization a bit of insight into regional and global markets it may not otherwise have, allowing it to better develop strategies for reaching and engaging potential clients in places throughout the world.
    Enhanced Branding Potential
    Building a more diverse workplace can create the impression of a brand that truly values inclusion and innovation; one with broad regional and global appeal that potential clients and employees would be more willing to work with.